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[PVE] Warrior - Fury DPS Spec & Guide (For 3.3.5)


This spec / talent build is for level 85 Warriors and the 3.3.5 version of World of Warcraft

Fury has always been a fun spec with its dual two-handed wielding. 3.3.5 offers little for PvE Fury warriors, but they have been consistently good throughout the patches, and it is still far more viable than Arms as a pure DPS spec. Fury warriors have actually one of the highest potential damages (with BiS gear), but this is also their highest weakness; the necessity for decent enough gear. Like all warriors, Fury will be crappy to mediocre 
Go here for the Fire spec/guidex

This specific guide is a so called basic spec, mainly meant for new players (but more advanced ones can use it as well).

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  • Talents
  • Stat Priority
  • Glyphs
  • Spell Rotation
  • Additional information

Fury DPS Talent Build / Spec (3.3.5)

Stat Priority:
The stats you should prioritize with this spec are the following:

IntellecHit* > Mastery / Haste > Crit*

*Hit (until cap)
*Critical Strike Rating


The Glyphs to be used with this spec are: 

- Glyph of Arcane Blast : Your Avenger's Shield hits 2 fewer targets, but for 100% more damage. [This is the only must have of the glyphs]
Glyph of Arcane Missiles : While Divine Plea is active, you take 3% reduced damage from all sources.
Glyph of Mage Armor : Your Judgements deal 10% more damage.

Glyph of Evocation : Your Evocation ability also causes you to regain 40% of your health over its duration.
Glyph of Mana Shield : While Divine Plea is active, you take 3% reduced damage from all sources.
Glyph of Arcane Power : Your Judgements deal 10% more damage.

Minor Glyphs:
Glyph of Mirror Image : Your Mirror Images cast Arcane Blast or Fireball instead of Frostbolt depending on your primary talent tree.
Glyph of Slow Fall : Your Slow Fall spell no longer requires a reagent.
Glyph of Arcane Brilliance : Reduces the mana cost of your Arcane Brilliance spell by 50%.

Spell Rotation:
The spell rotation to to be used with this spec is the following:

Mirror Image Arcane Blast x4 Arcane Power Arcane Blast (until 30% of your mana) (> Evocation) > Arcane Blast x4 > Arcane Missiles

Arcane Mages should also follow their procs: weapon/trinket/talent

We also have some CDs (Cooldowns) to spice up your dpsing: 

Mirror Image : [3min CD] - Creates 3 copies of the caster nearby, which cast spells and attack the mage's enemies. Lasts 30 sec. Costs 2% of base mana.
Arcane Power [1.5min CD] - When activated, your spells deal 20% more damage while costing 10% more mana to cast. This effect lasts 15 sec.
Presence of Mind : [1.5min CD] - When activated, your next Mage spell with a casting time less than 10 sec becomes an instant cast spell. [Is not on the global cooldown]

Additional information:

The "hit cap" (for Mages) is about 6% for Heroic Dungeons and 17% for raid bosses. You should aim for at least 6% hit rating, but preferably around 16%, as any less will decrease your damage done (drastically).
   Also, keep your mastery at at least 16+, as with t11, you will get 10% reduced cast time and it is overall easier to reforge.

"You should always try to make your specs reflect your gaming style and preference, even when you follow specs and guides."

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