Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addon Reviews (3.3.5)

On this "post" (I can only have 11 pages simultaneously) I will put links to all of the Addon reviews posted on this blog.

Please check out the complete list of addons HERE

Addon Reviews
(All of the addons are 3.3.5 compatible-->Molten-WoW compatible)
  1. Addon Control Panel - Let's you manage your addons in-game without needing to re-log.
  2. Altoholic - The "all in one" alt management addon.
  3. Atlas - Provides detailed maps for every instance (including battlegrounds) in the game.
  4. AtlasLoot Enhanced - Provides you with loot drops for all instances in the game.
  5. AtlasQuest - FunUpdate - Provides information concerning every quest for every instance (including battlegrounds) in-game.
  6. AutoRepair -Automatically repairs all of your gear when you go talk to an NPC capable of doing that.
  7. Bejeweled - Bejeweled (a game), now for WoW!
  8. ChatMOD - A universal chat enhancement for WoW.
  9. Congratz - A configurable addon that automatically congratulates your guild members for achievements (/g congratz). It can be customized.
  10. Crap Away - Automatically sells all of your "grey items" when you go talk to a an NPC (Non Playable Character) capable of doing that.
  11. Critline - Tracks your highest critical hits of all your abilities/spells and heals.
  12. GearScoreLite - A lightweight addon that shows your's and your targets' gearscores.
  13. Global Positioning System (GPS) - Let's you find specific locations with coordinates.
  14. Healbot Continued - Best* Raid Healer UI addon
  15. IceHUD - A UI addon that keeps you focused on the center of the screen.
  16. Minimap Button Frame - Gathers all of your addon minimap buttons into one movable frame.
  17. OneBag3 - A bag frame remake that makes all of your bags into one.
  18. OneBank3 - A bang bag remake that makes all of your bank bags into one.
  19. Peggle - Peggle, now on WoW (a game)!
  20. Postal - An enhanced in-game mailbox support.
  21. QuickMark - Raid target icon addon.
  22. Quartz - A casting bar remake.
  23. Tidy Plates - A remake of Blizzards original name plates.
  24. WIM - A World of Warcraft "Instant Messenger".
  25. WorldExplorer - Shows you all the non-explored areas on your map.
  26. XLoot - A nice looking loot frame remake.
  27. Zoom!!! - Zoom!!! makes your UI load faster.

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